LED Street Light

Wind+Solar combined street light is applying wind and solar energy to generate power for street light, the advantage is avoiding the deficiency of using wind energy or solar energy independently, and high cost of using solar panels. With the wind and solar , it can provide sufficient energy to power the led street light. 
Meanwhile, we are applying the led as light source for our street light, with comparison of the conventional street lamps, it can help to save power up to about 80%. 


Wind power : 300W 

Solar panel : 25W-125W 
Working voltage : DC 24V 
Light source : high power LED 
Control system : Customization
Working temperature : - 30 to 85 
Working time : 8-12 hours per day 
height of pole : recommended 19 feet - 27 feet.
LED lighting : Long life of 70,000 hours plus
LED lighting : Exclusive optical lensing, good color uniformity 
 Water & dust resistant, IP54 
working time : 8-12 hours per day